Characters of the Qur’an and the Bible

The Qur’an refers to numerous people, including many prophets, without giving us the details of their lives, their actions, and their words. Perhaps those in Muhammad’s time knew more about them than Muslims in our day, and so his contemporaries did not need explanations. Whatever the case, the history of many of these characters can be found in that which was  “revealed to us” before—that is, in the Bible.

  1. Adam and Eve (Adama et Awa)
  2. Noah (Nûh)
  3. Abraham (Ibrahim)
  4. Ishmael (Ismail)
  5. Lot (Lout)
  6. Isaac (Ishâq)
  7. Jacob (Yaqub)
  8. Joseph (Yoûsouf)
  9. Moses (Moussa)
  10. Job (Ayoub)

More to come:

David (Daouda)
Solomon (Souleymane)
Elijah and Elisha (Ilyas et Al-Yasa)
Jonah (Yunus)
Zachariah (Zakariyah)
John the Baptist (Yahya)
Mary (Maryam)
Jesus Christ (Issa)